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Paul Ryan

教學經驗 :

學歷 : BA Modern Chinese, Leeds MA IT Queen Mary UOL

Hi My name is Paul I am from Essex in the UK and I am the manager at UKEAS kaohsiung. Having worked for UKEAS since 2002 I have had the pleasure and privelidge to make the dreams of so many students come true. I hope that I can do the same for you and look forward to you coming into see us and letting our highly professional team assist you in your application to the UK.


  • "課程中, 老師不僅會將IELTS考試及計分方式, 以及各部分該注意的事項詳細的介紹. 另外, 同學們的模擬練習, 會讓自己在考試當天更有信心."

    - Vivian