"Mark改正了我task 1的答題觀念,明白要怎麼去判讀各式圖表,Task 2則是給予大家較多可以切入的觀點,也鼓勵同學們多反思,關心各種社會議題,藉此提升連結題目的能力"

- Infong, 台北重慶

"UKEAS 的保證班,很值得去上。不管是學費、師資、教材和課程都很優質。甚至只要你考過了6.5分數,就會有退費服務,完全物超所值哦!"

- Katherine, 高雄




Nuclear technology was an important invention in the 19th century and indeed brings people a lot of benefits and convenience. However, different opinions of this new technology has resulted in controversy. So, it's important to further analyse this issue.


It could be argued that nuclear technology is more economical than other energy. Without over-exploiting natural resources, nuclear technology can help generate tons of power to supply a large area. As a result, the ecological environment might be conserved. Secondly, nuclear technology can boost a nation's economy by nuclear-related construction projects. For example, building a nuclear power station will involve plenty of companies and labor in this project. Thirdly, other technologies may benefit from nuclear technology. Since nuclear technology is a complicated field, it requires other advanced technologies to correlate. Then, it's likely to offer some businesses to take part.


On the other hand, some people argue that nuclear technology is a potential danger. Though it's cheap, it might cause great damage to the people and environment if it were not well maintained. Additionally, there is still no absolutely safe way to deal with the nuclear waste. Nuclear waste cannot be put away underground for ever. If people can't think of a safe way to handle this problem, future generations may be in danger. Finally, nuclear materials still pollute the environment. Many people have died from the pollution. Without good management of nuclear power stations we cannot live safely and carefree.

In my opinion, there should be other alternative ways to generate power. For the next generation's sake it is better to come up with other advanced technology to take the place of this one. Thus, we can all live in a carefree and non-polluted world.

Live in the lap of luxury

Live an extremely comfortable life, because you have a lot of money

Since winning the lottery he has lived in the lap of luxury.