- Pino, 台北重慶

"在顧問的推薦之下我先從Patrick 老師的閱讀寫作班上起,我覺得這是一個很好的起點,因為你可以從課本的練習跟上課講義中開始掌握到考試的重點。"

- Susan, 台南




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  • Jason Hoy

    教學經驗 : Diploma in Teaching English as a Second Language.
    學歷 : Bachelor of Arts. History, East Asian Languages and Literature-The University of Alberta

    I was born and raised in Canada, where I also earned a masters degree in education from the University of Alberta..

  • Mark Davies

    教學經驗 : TEFL (CELTA equivalent) Multilingua, Guildford
    學歷 : Bachelors Degree in Geography - The University of Swansea

    I have lived in Taiwan for many years now and understand the problems you have, not just trying to improve your English, but also in passing the IELTS test..

  • Rich Assmann

    教學經驗 : TEFL (CELTA equivalent) Vialingua
    學歷 : Bachelors Degree in Geography -The University of Hertfordshire

    Teaching IELTS is a real pleasure and Im glad to be able to help students in their quest to study in the UK and elsewhere..

  • Robert Collinson

    教學經驗 : CELTA equivalent
    學歷 : Bachelors Degree in Theology-The University of Hull

    My classes are friendly and comfortable as we build skills and confidence step-by-step..

  • Shaun Pickford

    教學經驗 : CELTA
    學歷 : Bachelors Degree in English Language and Linguistics-The University of Manchester

    As a linguistics graduate, I have a great passion for English. I started my career in teaching at a language school in London before moving to Taipei in 2010, and Ive been living here ever since..

  • Tom Lewisohn

    教學經驗 : CELTA
    學歷 : Bachelors Degree in Chinese Studies-SOAS, University of London

    After graduating in Chinese Studies, I trained as an English teacher in London and have been teaching ever since both here in Taiwan and in the UK..

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A tentative explanation

An explanation given by someone who is not certain that it is the correct explanation

Mr. Smith gave a tentative explanation of the causes of recession.


有時必須描述物件,若忘記這個物件的英文怎麼說,也要盡量去描述,而非說:I forget(我忘記了),或I dont know how to say it(我不知道應該怎麼說)。不會說一個字不會被考官認為英文很差,運用策略來表達-不會失分反而會加分。